Storage Unit
6,800.00 (Excl of GST)

File Storage Low Height- STG101

9,000.00(Excl of GST)

File Storage Half Height- STG102

15,300.00 (Excl of GST)

File Storage Full Height- STG103

14,800.00(Excl of GST)

Full Height Storage – STG104

6,900.00(Excl of GST)

Low Height Storage – STG105

10,800.00 (Excl of GST)

Half Height Storage Cupboard – STG106

4,800.00(Excl of GST)

Mobile Pedestal Drawer – MP109

25,000.00(Excl of GST)

Storage unit 3 Door – STG111

14,000.00(Excl of GST)

Full Height Storage – STG112

Why Choose Us?

A storage unit allows you to keep all your valuable items, and all your precious things safely and securely. Depending on the size of your self-storage facility, you can go for hundreds of storage units to keep track of. You can have various storage units like shoe racks, wall shelves, bookshelves, display units, and magazine racks.

Wall shelves are a convenient option that can provide a neat look and a beautiful display to your decor. These are available in various styles and sizes that can match everyone's taste. Corner shelves are popularly used in modular shelving designs that can utilize your corner space effectively and creatively.

To assist you in the same, we have an exquisite collection of wall shelves as well as various corner shelves of different styles and shapes. If you want to make the best use of your corner effectively then visit LGS India to find a wide range of options.

You can get various advantages of wooden wall shelves from us like:

  • Durable Wall shelf
  • Can get customizable wall shelves
  • Descent looks wall shelves

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You can also go for having our solid wood display units where you can always treasure your antiques or books. Here at LGS India, you can attempt to come across a wide range of appealing display units that are captivating and designed to consummate maximum needs.

Your house needs to be a place to captivate you relaxes, assemble all your collectibles, and need to stretch your comforts. With our display units, you can keep your decorative pieces away from your fingers and can show off them in a well-designed wooden display cabinet.

Here at LGS India, you can have every unit which is well crafted from high-quality wood that as Sheesham and mango with an appealing finish of teak, walnut, and mahogany. Enjoy our collection of a wide range of storage units.