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In spite of having the option to work from almost any area, individuals actually esteem interfacing with others in the workplace. In a working environment of reducing space, addressing tables react to the requirement for synergistic spaces, making exceptional, agreeable spaces outside of the essential workstation that gives you the top meeting and conference tables design

40,000.00(Excl of GST)

Conference Table 14
Seater – CT4009

22,000.00 (Excl of GST)

Conference Table 8
Seater – CT4002

22,000.00(Excl of GST)

Conference Table 8
Seater – CT4003

22,000.00(Excl of GST)

Table – CT4010

8,000.00 (Excl of GST)

Table – CT4011

18,000.00 (Excl of GST)

Table – CT4012

18,000.00(Excl of GST)

Meeting Table
6 Seater – CT4005

22,000.00(Excl of GST)

Meeting Table
6 Seater – CT4008

12,000.00(Excl of GST)

Meeting Table
White – CT4004

17,000.00 (Excl of GST)

Conference Table

19,000.00 (Excl of GST)

Meeting Table

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for a conference table for your office, LGS India can design and build a custom solution that is perfect for your space. The conference table is a key piece of business furniture where you can hold up your meetings. Conference tables are used generally for conducting business negotiations. If you are seating in a business conference and meeting going on for any type of negotiation then this is the most important piece of furniture you need. We create various types of office conference tables of all different sizes and shapes, which includes U-shaped & V-shaped tables. Whether you are interested in cherry, mahogany, oak, or walnut, we can work with all these types of exotic woods and can provide a unique look for your table.

We have also started incorporating AV components, power, and data hatches so that your meeting can run smoothly and seamlessly in person and virtually. Our high-quality, contemporary conference table helps to establish a forward-thinking atmosphere. We will be offering you a range of forms and sizes that can fit your company's needs. Depending on your specifications we can also share with you the custom-made conference tables. The tables which we provide are comfortable and convenient. Out tables can be used for various purposes like meetings, presentations, and conferences. The tables are comfortable and convenient, with the standard long table seating of about eight tables.

LGS India is the most reliable platform to buy Conference tables. Here you can avail many perks and advantages, some of the prominent features that make us the best in the market are:

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Top-Quality Material

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality conference tables that are available in various designs. Each product is designed creatively to maintain a moderate price and premium quality.

Wide Range Variety

We are offering you a wide range of conference tables to match the varied decor styles. Our vast collections are actively revised to integrate more designs and varieties. So there is no need to compromise on any of these things and you will get the product that is exactly per your needs.