Painting Works

We choose to provide painting works with good quality and high authenticity. We also make sure that the client’s need or requirement is fulfilled. We are expertise in general paintings and with painting different wall patterns. Also; we take care of every basic of painting from the scratch to the end even including plastering and whitening. We promise to provide the client with the best painting services at affordable rates..

Electrical Work

We ensure the electrical safety of your house. The services that come under electrical work in our criteria are installation from the utility point of connection to the main circuit breaker. There is no hindrance caused anywhere and every connection is checked nicely to avoid further losses and danger.

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Plumbing Work

Residential Plumbing Contractor services offered are handed by team of experienced plumbers who have with them expertise in perfectly matching up with the service demands as expected by the customers. Their expertise in handling of different modern fixtures also ensures creating smooth and exclusive plumbing finish as desired from us. Some of the service features include quality service solutions that provide for lasting usage support, solutions designed to provide for stylish looks.

Carpentry Work

All types of levelling, fitting and making furniture with sorted base frames is another best quality service provided here. Here, furniture and other devices that you require can be made according to your choices and needs, but be sure to discuss with us the whole agenda.

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Partition Work

Want to get your room partitioned into two rooms or just want to break the wall that your terrace is covered with? Well, we, the constructors, are always here at your support and make the top quality services with our leading partition work providers. We ensure the marking of margins and preceding the work according to them with our drifting and amazing tools. We initialize by checking and pointing out the risks if any before starting the main work.

Civil Work

Good quality construction services are provided here’ll the work can be done according to customer’s criteria or can be done according to us wholly. The material used here is of tough quality and lasts for years.

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False Ceiling ( Gypsum & Grid Ceiling )

We have been fitting these false ceilings for years. To give your home or bungalow an attractive look, fitting a false ceiling with the leading furniture providers as LGS India is what I would suggest. With every minute care and every measure of safety being taken into consideration, we construct the false ceilings that are made out of gypsum and grid.

Window Blinds ( Frosted Flim )

Frosted films are easily automated, and ensure the supply air mostly during summers. We suggest all of our clients go with window blinds rather than glass and wooden windows.

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Tiles Laying

All the layering of bricks and cement are done from scratch that is preceded by layering of tiles and their levelling. So far, we have a record of providing this service in the minimum time possible.

Wall Paneling

Also, we provide top wall panelling services with different materials such as wood, plastic or other materials. The material can be rigid or semi-rigid. The best outlook of the walls of your houses is assured if you sign a contract with LGS modular systems.

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Furniture Shifting & Re-Locating

Need to shift your furniture to your new house? Come and contact us. We will be at your doorstep for all the help you require for shifting and relocating your furniture.

Modular Kitchen

Living in a modernized apartment and having a simple kitchen? That's no justice! Come to us and make your kitchen modular for the comfortability of smart individuals.

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CCTV cameras service with us includes fixing the mini cameras according to your choice and connecting them to your digital systems where you can check the daily activities and access the recordings and even have an eye on different places.

Data Cabeling

All the cabling is done with utmost care, the electrical connections and switches along with the wires connected are all checked and then the best services are provided accordingly if any hindrance has been caused.

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Fire Alarm & Sprinkler

One of the most necessary elements of our services is sprinkler and fire alarm. As we all know, a fire alarm starts ringing if there is any sense or activity of fire detected, accordingly, the sprinkler turns on to maintain the conditions and to stop the fire from spreading. We place it with all the connections properly ensured.