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LGS MODULAR SYSTEMS is in the furniture industry for more than one decade and have been serving with excellent quality and durability products and satisfying our valued clients as well. Apart from manufacturer and whole seller of Office Furniture, We offer a complete set of services from space planning and design to fit out and maintenance.

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About Us

We are here to become a part of the journey to your success with best ergonomic on your plate at affordable price. LGS Modular Systems has been in the business for more than a decade who has worked with a number of client companies with happier employees, improved efficiency and profit growth by a high margin. It serves you with best office furniture that is innovative and user-friendly office furniture and space design. If you are looking for a place, where there is a broad supply chain including all round service form manufacturing and whole selling of office furniture to planning and designing of your space to the maintenance of the same, LGS is the one with the leading home office furniture providers.

Transform your office space from a stale and boring look to a professional and stylish one which your employees can brag about. It is time to update your office furniture and we are here to help you do that with practical and sleek furniture which are simple, honest and functional. We offer modular seating and storage. We know that less is more.!. Every furniture from us comes with functional yet elegant design by carefully weighing your needs based on the structure and type of your organization and usage pattern. We also offer the best space planning for clients. Every inch of your decision, wish and need will be curated and uniquely planned so that you can have an office space that no one else has. What you see and select from the best planning process is exactly what you get.

There are a variety of screens, booths, partitions and acoustic panels for you to choose from, for better workstation privacy, communication and occasional changes in needs. How cool would it be to add little quirks unique to your company! We offer both all inclusive ready to occupy space for you to inaugurate, along with entire make over of the existing workstation with office furniture and equipment retail.

What make you grow is your employees, give them a workstation designed to bring out the best in them and let them serve you growth with ease. Let them focus on work rather than adjusting chair and desk. We have a dedicated team qualified with knowledge of ergonomics which is science that explores human abilities and limitations especially in work environment. It is not just the instruments where this science is applied as generally thought, but applies to anything that involves human interaction with products, systems and environment. Our best office furniture and designs are made after wide range of considerations in regards to Anthropometry (body sizes, population, variations), Biomechanics, Environmental physics (hearing, vision and other sensations), Applied psychology (learning, skills, differences) and Social psychology (communication, group behaviours) to say the least.

We walk with the trend and the need which keeps getting updated with every new requirement. Technology has changed, the way an office conducts in today’s time is different that it was a few years back. We ensure that the tools that are used for work, rest and play within the office premises in today’s time, are designed to enhance body’s requirements. Serve them with best ergonomics while they serve you with their best skills. Have the furniture and design our office deserves.


Your office should speak for your company. A leader knows that satisfaction of employees is decisive for the success of the business. With changes in the office culture over time, innovative projects have been built on international levels which complies with all ergonomic standards. We work with the trend and uniquely tailored needs. We are here to serve you with best room design and furnishings along with trend setting features especially made for you. Our leading space designs are known for flexibility, transparency, mobility, co-operation, easy communication and interaction.

Important factors of successful management such as employee loyalty largely depends on work environment and work motivations, how an employee is made to feel most part of the day spent on office. Serve them with best ergonomics while they serve you with their best office furniture skills. There is a growing need to offer employees an attractive and stimulating working environment together with flat hierarchies and independent action. Interaction develops best between employees in a stimulating environment with a comfortable atmosphere. Today’s work structure requires a high degree of communication and cooperation. We are here to give you all that, that boosts psyche for effective work at optimum level.

To give present you with the stimulating work environment, we have come up with wide range of imaginative, distinctive, ergonomically approved colourful room designs with modern, efficient interiors and individually conceived workspaces to select from. We have combined, high tech with well-being stitched for an economical, pleasant, modern, efficient and employee-friendly space.

Like anything in the world, space designs are dynamic process. There are rapid changes in markets, socio-political culture, business strategies, ecological and economic conditions. Speed of these changes has multiplied over the years. Our best office furniture designs are future oriented and flexible to economic and socio-political changes. We have a team with broad range of experience in field of strategic planning Every detail is thought out in the process of the leading office design development from physical to psychological well-being. The structure of zones and their functionality are taken into consideration along with technical layout and equipment needed in the workplace. Even the minimal details of visual and auditory stimulations related to hearing and vision are carefully studied and executed.


We start with necessary numbers of site visit according to the need to prepare details of workstations and other interior elements. A sketch design is made collaboratively with you to understand project requirements and ensure a tailored assessment approach that meet your needs, regulatory or approval authorities, and those affected by the project. Then after a number of approvals required the design is executed in no time to put a smile on your face and an awe in your eyes. It does not stop here, we also come with maintenance of the already designed space, as you know, time changes and there is always a need for update in this era that keeps you away from being outdated.

Contact us now for innovative and creative space designs especially made for you. Let us serve you growth.